Reporting channel for whistleblowers:

In order to comply with the legal requirements of the now applicable Whistleblower Protection Act, we offer the option below to contact us via a reporting channel. WEBOMATIC Maschinenfabrik GmbH endeavours to handle all business matters in accordance with the law and in a correct manner. Our goal is to prevent misconduct and violations and to avert damage to WEBOMATIC Maschinenfabrik GmbH, its employees, business partners and owners. In this context, it is important to prevent and recognise violations at an early stage and to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Our reporting channel gives you the opportunity to support us in this endeavour.

Please note that this reporting channel is not intended to address complaints of a general nature to WEBOMATIC Maschinenfabrik GmbH.
We ensure confidentiality in the processing of your report with regard to your identity, the persons who are part of your report and all other persons named. The information will only be passed on to the departments responsible for further processing.

The e-mail address relevant to your report is :


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