Chamber Belt Machine
CL-C 950

Ideal for medium to large production capacities is the CL-C 950 in many application areas,
the best solution for fully automatic and economical packaging in pouches.

Vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of food products.
In this way, they reach the table of the end consumer with intact freshness, color and taste.

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Examples of Packages

Packaging solutions

The WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 offers the best ease of use, reliable efficiency, and highly versatile.

Products of the most varied sizes can be flexibly packed in one process.



The WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® roll-on lid is an innovative and patented feature that allows fast, thorough, and effortless cleaning of the inside of the lid as well.

The lid design allows liquids to drain off without spilling onto the conveyor belt.

This feature minimizes the risk of contamination, provides effective protection for your product, and reduces downtime for machine cleaning.

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The CL-C 950 can be adapted to individual customer requirements with a wide range of options and configurations.

CL-C 950

The automatic shrink-wrapping line is the ideal solution for finishing packaging on an industrial scale.
The line is completed by a conveyor belt and a turntable for wet or dry products.

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