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WEBOMATIC Single chamber machines

are characterised by their robust and durable design, easy maintenance,
cleaning procedures and intuitive operation via electronic controls.

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Packaging Solutions

Our single chamber vacuum machines are ideal for larger products and increased packaging needs.

They are available with additional options such as MAP, Soft Air technology and different sealing systems such as bi-active sealing.


Standard Machines

Semi-automatic shrink tank ST 40

Shrink packaging is the perfect finish for your
thermoformed and vacuum packaging.

Compared to conventional vacuum packaging, shrink packaging offers wrinkle-free transparency and thus a considerably better product presentation of  fresh products


Hot water shrinks the previously sealed vacuum shrink packs around the product like a second skin

Shrinking Lines

Flexibility down to the last detail

The ST 40 and ST 60 hand shrink tanks are perfectly adapted to the requirements for small capacities of manufactory and craft businesses.

Both shrink tanks can be integrated into very mobile and practical shrink lines in combination with WEBOMATIC vacuum packaging machines


Flexibility down to the smallest detail:

Security requirements are also met for the safe packaging of sterile medical products, sensitive industrial technology, consumer goods or banknotes.

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