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Double Chamber Machines

Easy to use, service-friendly and wash-down capable

The machines of the duoMAT series are semi-automatic double chamber machines made by WEBOMATIC CleanDesign®.

The design of the duoMAT with its inclined surfaces prevents water accumulation and gives the machine a characteristic, typical WEBOMATIC design.

All surfaces are made of stainless steel. The "table", i.e. the working surface, is fully washable. The flat design of the table and the open work surface promote efficient operation and production processes.

With the new Innovative Glass Touch control, the duoMAT offers operating convenience with a high-resolution color screen. The operator controls the machine intuitively via the smooth slider control wheel. According to the manufacturer, the control functions meet the highest demands, even for sensitive meat products such as sausage meat and accompanying delicatessen products such as mayonnaise and sauces.

We manufacture the duoMAT in three sizes to suit your product: 450, 650, or 850 mm long sealing bars.

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WEBOMATIC Double chamber machines

Our efficient Double Chamber Machines can be combined with :


WEBOMATIC has the solution to save time and eliminate contamination.
Fresh products such as cheese or sausages can be quickly and cleanly filled into the automatically inflated bag with the WEBOMATIC Bag Loader FKT 800.

Due to its enormous packaging capacity, the Bag Loader is suitable for integration into high-capacity packaging lines.


These sturdy and cycle-controlled shrink tanks are the perfect complement to vacuum packaging machines. The pre-set dive time and the water temperature that can be adapted to the product and pouch material guarantee an optimized and consistent shrink quality.

The semi-automatic shrink tanks ST 40 are ideally suited to the requirements of small factories and craft.

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