Double chamber machine
factory 45 & 65

The new automatic double chamber machine factory 45 & factory 65

With a high level of process reliability adopted from industrial food production for standard vacuum packaging machines, the factory 45 is the perfect choice for bags with an edge length of up to 450 mm and the factory 65 for bags with an edge length of uo to 650 mm.

WEBOMATIC® factory-Serie

The double-chamber machines WEBOMATIC ® factory- are equipped with a Mitsubishi control.

The touchscreen used from Mitsubishi has a protection class of IP 67, so the outside of the machine can be easily cleaned with water. The resulting high level of hygiene is another decisive advantage.

The flat table design and the work surface that is open on all sides support an efficient operating and production process. All surfaces are made of stainless steel.

WEBOMATIC offers two alternative sealing systems:

Double seam separation seal (DST)

The sealing strip is equipped with a sealing wire and a separating wire. The separating wire creates a separating seam where the bag excess can be easily removed. Sealing and separating wires can be individually controlled with the IGT Premium control.

Doppelnaht-Siegelung (DSS)

The sealing strip is equipped with two sealing wires and guarantees a hermetic seal even with contaminated bag material. This seal system
is also used for liquid, difficult-to-package products such as spices or powders. Both wires can be controlled individually via the IGT Premium control.

Ease of use

In the factory double-chamber machines, the sealing strips can be removed and reinserted in just one movement, without tools, in a service-friendly and quick manner.

Examples of packaging

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WEBOMATIC vacuum machines play an essential role in preserving your food by effectively removing air, preventing contamination and extending shelf life. With these functions we can ensure that your food reaches the end customer with its flawless taste, color and freshness.

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Double chamber machines

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