Thermoforming machines

Our thermoforming machines are individually tailored to the needs and products of each customer and range from small thermoforming solutions to highly efficient thermoforming machines for industrial multi-shift operation. This smart packaging technology creates individually formed, cut and optionally branded or upgraded packages at entry-level as well as at high-speed industrial volumes.


WEBOMATIC thermoforming machines are based upon four models that are individually designed for each customer’s needs and products.  This modularity applies to the outer dimensions, the variable infeed zone as well as specialised equipment and complex automation options. They reflect state-of-the-art technology in material, constructions, equipment and design so that with the modular machine system, the thermoformers can be tailored to specific customer requirements. Our industrial thermoforming machines are ideally suited for the multi-shift operation and offer state- of-the-art technology while being durable and robust.


Our thermoforming machines are ingenious in their application: in industry-wide known packaging styles with flexible and rigid films with either vacuum or modified atmosphere (MAP), with sophisticated skin and form shrink styles, or with top film forming, that allows creating Snap-In Lids.

An efficient workflow is key to efficient thermoforming production. All WEBOMATIC thermoforming machines are built for line compatibility and process security.

All thermoforming machines are prepared for sophisticated add-on equipment to pursue any production’s full potential.

Our machines provide highly dynamic and optimised film handling as well as precise film transport to guarantee optimal packaging.