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WEBOMATIC Traysealers

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Flexibility down to the Smallest detail:

Let's pack in Trays

Our tray sealing machines pack all prefabricated sealable trays.
Whether they are made of carton, plastic, aluminum or trays made from renewable resources.

Fully Automatic Traysealer

Flexibility down to the smallest detail

Our fully automatic traysealers offer exceptionally reliable results, high performance and customised solutions, whether as stand-alone packaging machines or integrated into highly automated and complex packaging lines.

Fully Automatic Traysealer

Flexibilität bis ins kleinste Detail

Depending on the tray size, the product to be packaged and the packaging requirements, single-track (mono version) or dual-track (duo version) tray sealers can pack all pre-made, sealable trays at up to 18 cycles/min.

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