Double Chamber Machine
duoMAT 850

The WEBOMATIC® duoMAT 850  is the largest double chamber machine available, providing outstanding packaging performance and unrivaled flexibility for packaging of large items or multiple individual products per chamber. 

With a sealing bar of 850mm in length, this machine ensures that products are packed tightly and securely.

Vacuum packaging machines extend the shelf life of food by preserving its freshness, colour, and flavour.
In this way, they ensure that the food reaches the end consumer's table in an intact and fresh state.


is easy to operate, service-friendly and washable.

The duoMAT 850 are semi-automatic double chambers machines and designed in the  WEBOMATIC CleanDesign®.

The flat table design and open work area support efficient operation and production.
All surfaces are made of stainless steel, and the design of the lid prevents water accumulation.

Pluggable Sealing Bars

This innovative interchangeable system enables a quick and easy replacement of the seal plates with minimal machine downtime.

Simple and user-friendly process:

A step-by-step guide on the PLC control leads the operator through the process, while the seal plate change runs almost automatically through the included transfer frame.

Innovative Glass Touch control system, the duoMAT offers operating convenience with a high-resolution color screen. The graphic TFT screen displays the data and parameters.  Via the smooth scroll wheel allows the operator to control the machine intuitively.

It goes without saying that the surface of the control complies with the current sanitary requirements and is part of the
WEBOMATIC CleanDesign concept.

Examples of Packaging.

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Explore the different options that are available to customize the machine according to the needs of your product.

duoMAT 850

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Double Chamber Machines

Discover our complete line of
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