Vacuum packaging machines

The most significant benefit of vacuum packaging machines is the ability to pack any product and bag size hygienically in one cycle.

Classic vacuum packaging improves the shelf life of food, beneficial for presentation, further processing or storage.

The vacuum sealers’ range of application reaches from the use
of small machines in HoReCa to semi-automatic machines in small and medium businesses as well as the significant industrial employment in a fully automated packaging line.


No matter if your product is 135 cm long, liquid, paste-like or very delicate, whether you want to fill and seal the bags for the end consumer markets or further processing value chain – one of the WEBOMATIC vacuum packaging machines is guaranteed to fit your product and packaging needs.


Our vacuum chambers’ range of application covers a wide array of areas. From the use of small table vacuum machines in kitchens, markets and food stores to the durable single or double chamber machines in craft and work- shops. Naturally, WEBOMATIC also creates automatic double chamber and chamber belt machines for the heavy use in industrial production and packaging lines.


Standard features of WEBOMATIC vacuum packaging machines:

  • stainless steel chamber
  • double seal and trim (DST)
  • plug and work tool-free sealing bar system (depending on machine model)
  • sealing bar with spring loaded end pieces for perfect sealing and an enhanced lifespan of the sealing wire
  • improved sealing pressure
  • PE-filler plates
  • intelligent design and maintenance friendly utilities (oil valve, overload switch and easy access service areas)


Thanks to the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign®, all available machines benefit from the quick external cleaning that saves valuable time and enables secure following of strict hygiene protocols.

The internal cleaning is simplified and quickened due to the modified sealing bars, which can be removed and installed within seconds, without the need for tools.

Table vacuum machines

WEBOMATIC table vacuum machines are the reliable solution for the quick, easy and safe vacuum packaging of small products. These vacuum chamber machines are ideally suited for regular packaging needs their small dimensions qualify them for packaging in food retailing, food trucks, farmer’s markets, HoReCa (e.g. conservation, sous-vides and enhanced ripening) and hunting. Furthermore, they can be used for the safe and comfortable packaging of sterile medical products as well as consumer goods, sensitive technical products and banknotes.

Single chamber vacuum machines

If the performance of a table machine is not enough for your packaging volume, our single chamber machines are put to good use. They are ideally suited for bigger products and increased packaging needs. Furthermore, their castors allow for the highest mobility and quick relocations of the machine. All single chamber machines are available with additional options like MAP or soft air technology, castors and sealing systems (DSS, bi-active sealing).

Double chamber vacuum machines

Vacuuming with maximum ease of use and double packaging output – during the packaging process in one chamber, the second chamber can already be loaded or unloaded. WEBOMATIC double chamber vacuum machines are suitable for the highest packaging requirements and can be perfectly matched to your needs thanks to many options.

Chamber belt vacuum machines

WEBOMATIC chamber belt machines are particularly suitable for the fully automatic and continuous packaging of large products. Be it large pieces of meat in slaughtering and cutting operations or whole cheese wheels from the dairy. All products that fit into the chamber and between the sealing bars can be vacuum-packed at the same time with minimal manpower and high added value.