Vacuum Packaging Machine SuperMax I

Perfect vacuum packaging and highest comfort.

The vacuum packaging machine SuperMax I offers the optimal solution for medium packaging capacities due to its large vacuum chamber and mobility. The WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® allows an easy cleaning from the outside, for the inside cleaning the sealing bar can be quickly removed without tools.

Sealing bar variations


Double Seam Separation Seal (DST)

Double Seam Sealing (DSS)

Optimal vacuum packaging – guaranteed.

The “classic” vacuum packaging machine is characterized by a balanced mix of high mobility, easy maintenance and cleaning as well as many individualization options.  External and internal cleaning as well as maintenance can be carried out easily, quickly and above all thoroughly.

The sealing strips of this packaging machine can be removed tool-free, service-friendly and quickly with just one movement. With the IGT control, the vacuum packaging machine SuperMax I has a user interface that can store up to 10 individual programs. Separately adjustable separation and sealing times support the perfect vacuum packaging of food, medical products, consumer goods and industrial products.