Double Chamber Machine PNC 20

Due to its chamber length of 850mm, the largest WEBOMATIC double chamber machine offers highest packaging performance and flexibility for large products or several individual products per chamber. The two chambers and the swivelling lid allow efficient and vacuum packaging of different products up to an edge length of 85 cm.

Sealing strip variation double chamber machine

Double-seam cut-off sealing (DST)

Double Seam Sealing (DSS)

Bi-active sealing

Gentle vacuum packaging – individually or in a packaging line

Your entry to automated pouch packaging: the packaging machine PNC 20 produces vacuum packaging in pouches either manually or automatically, using a fully automatic swiveling lid. To keep resource costs low, the lid mechanism does not require cost-intensive compressed air, since the swiveling movement of the lid is carried out by the built-in, high capacity vacuum pump. Four sealing bars with a length of 830 mm are integrated within the chambers and ensure the secure processing of industrial packaging quantities. In the PNC 20-A version, the double-chamber machine has two sealing bars and an automatic product discharge system.

In the PNC-20-A-D version, four sealing bars with a length of 830 mm are integrated into the chambers and ensure reliable processing of industrial packaging quantities. While this vacuum chamber machine is already equipped with Soft-Air as standard, further options are available for an even more efficient packaging process. These include: adjustable gas nozzles for MAP gas supply, bi-active and compressed air-assisted sealing processes as well as various perforation knives in combination with the PLC control (also available separately). Fully equipped, the model PNC 20 A-D-M2 (shown above) with automatic product ejection in combination with other WEBOMATIC components – such as shrink units, dryers, catchers, etc. – can be converted into an industrial packaging line.

Intelligente Packaging
The double chamber machine PNC 20 is equipped with the intelligent IGT standard control, which has three operating levels, absolute measuring sensors for vacuum, MAP and Soft-Air and up to 10 individually adaptable packaging programs.

Easy maintenance
The sealing strips inside the swivelling lid can be released with a targeted movement. Special service flaps allow quick and easy access to the vacuum pump and the side-mounted switch cabinet.