The packaging procedure starts when the chamber lid is closed. The evacuation, atmosphere change and sealing of vacuum pouches are automatically performed according to the selected process parameters:

1st: evacuation
The air is evacuated out of the vacuum chamber by the vacuum pump: chamber, bag and product are evacuated.

MAP function
Chamber and bag are filled with protective gas until the
set pressure amount is reached. This procedure extends the shelf life and preserves the fresh color of, e.g. fresh meat.

3rd: sealing
An electrical impulse heats the sealing wire (impulse sealing procedure). The sealable inner sides of the bag are sealed together, and the bag is now hermetically closed.

4th: ventilation
The air flows back into the chamber. After the pressure compensation between the inside and outside atmosphere is finished, the lid of the chamber opens, and the perfectly vac- uum-packed product can be taken out of the machine. Now the product can be finalized by detaching the trimmings and processed further (shrinking) if required.

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