Packaging variants for thermoforming machines


WEBOMATIC thermoformers allow for outstanding packaging individualization possibilities – with simple base materials like film, almost any packaging shapes, cuts and branding at nearly every speed are key to this packaging technology.

Simple thermoforming

Simple thermoforming or sealing is easy and fast packaging that lays the focus on outside protection of theproduct. No modified atmosphere or vacuum is applied; this technique is usually found in the packaging of medi- cal goods in cleanrooms and is not recommended for the packaging of food.


Vacuum packaging prolongs the shelf life of food by evacuating the natural atmosphere in the package and hence, slows down biochemical degradation.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

The natural atmosphere in the package is replaced with an optimised gas mixture that is blended explicitly foreach product to prolong its shelf life.
The atmosphere in the packaging is replaced with atuned gas mixture, enhancing product presentation and shelf life. An added blend of, e.g. carbon dioxide, oxygen and/or nitrogen can prolonge shelf life and support colour and form of the product.


Our development is a thermoforming pack with several chambers, some of which are skinned and others injected with modified atmosphere (MAP). This combination of two packaging types is exclusively offered by WEBOMATIC and unique in the packaging industry. Further, any division of skin or MAP cavities can be individually adjusted.


The skin-packaging process creates particularly appealing packages: thanks to the full-surface sealing without changing the shape or colour of theproduct, a perfect fixation of the product in the packaging is made possible.

The top film envelopsthe product like a second skin and is then sealedto the bottom film to create an outstanding product presentation. Hence, the packed product can be positioned upright regardless of its contents (e.g. marinated products, processed meat, fish, poultry, cheese, dairy products, seafood, or other).


The pseudo-skin technique allows for the production ofskin packaging with products as tall as the tray depth.


With a thermoformed skin pack, your product receives a skin-tight enclosure of a clear-transparent top film. This particular skin film is being sealed onto the full surface of the bottom film without impairing the product. The result is a pack of excellent quality with enhanced food safety and the best possible product presentation – no matter if the product is presented hanging or lying at the point of sale.

The protrude-skin technique allows for the production of skin packaging with protrusion up to 50mm. It is common in the combination of a flat tray and a tall product.

Form shrink

Particular shrinkable thermoforming films are used topack products in vacuum and to shrink it in a furtherrefining step. After the product is vacuumed, the packaging is conveyed through a shrinking unit that shrinks the film tightly around the product and results in a form shrink package.

Snap-In Lid made of rigid top film

With the top film forming technique, stable Snap-In Lids are formed of rigid film to fit re-closable packages. It is recommended to combine the top film forming with MAP, to benefit from both the shelf life-prolonging feature and the usage of most possible branding.