Tray sealer

Fully automatic tray sealer

Our fully automatic tray sealers offer all-around flexible solutions, whether as a stand-alone version or up to a whole automated and (almost) operator-free packaging line. Depending on the tray size, product requirements, and the tray sealer version (mono or duo), WEBOMATIC tray
sealers can work up to 18 cycles/min. The tray sealers can be conveniently integrated into any production process; for instance, the conveyor belts can be individually adapted to the grade of automatization if automated dosing or labeling systems are retrofitted and, whether long or short conveyor belts are required – the tray sealer can be easily upgraded over time

Standards and individualization

WEBOMATIC will continue to build reliable machines with a solid foundation of extensive engineering experience, application-oriented practice, the use of exceptionally high-quality materials and synergies with top-class suppliers
to guarantee the outstanding WEBOMATIC Quality.

Nevertheless, every day our engineers are working to adapt our machines to ever-changing customer and market requirements. To fit these needs WEBOMATIC has created a series of inventions over the years, some already included in every machine, some as an option to help you succeed in your daily operations.

WEBOMATIC tray sealer

The most significant benefit of WEBOMATIC tray sealing machines lies in their high flexibility to fit individual needs. Standardized MAP preparation, top film quick-change device, the automatic film rewinding system and the fast die set change are just some of the universal upgrades to our machines.

Unsure how much automatization fits your production style or is needed in the beginning? Thanks to throrough planing and reliable craftsmanship, we are able to offer retrofit or step-by-step automatization to meet the packaging volume to current or future requirements.

Semi-automatic tray sealer

The small semi-automatic tray sealers are the ideal solution for an inexpensive and professional vacuum packaging with trays and combine ease of use with reliability. They are ideally suited
as an entry machine into tray packaging for smaller businesses or as an addition in larger productions or laboratories to cover samplings and new product launches.