Vacuum application for food products, industrial, consumer products and pharmaceuticals.

Advantages of vacuum application for food products

Shelf life extension

Since the air is removed from the vacuum pouch, the growth of aerobic bacteria and other natural organisms like fungi or mold within the sealed pouch is minimized. This contributes to a slowed down deterioration of the product, not only prolonging the shelf life but also enhancing the presentation at the point of sale.

By the addition of a product-specific gas blend, e.g. carbon dioxide, oxygen and/or nitrogen via MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) the shelf life can be extended further alongside with optimal color and form presentation of the product.


Vacuum pouches can also be used to assist in the controlled maturation of meat and cheese products while reducing maturation and weight losses. The vacuum packaging prevents the leaking of product liquid and provides an optimal basis for the maturation of the product.

Thus, e.g. due to the popular wet ripening – a high degree of tenderness and ripeness of meat can be achieved within a short time using a vacuum bag. However, vacuum packaging can also be used to aid the ripening of a variety of other products such as cheese, pickled vegetables and seafood.

Further handling and selling advantages

  • creation of bulk packs for the support of (locally) separated product processing or preparation steps(cutting, filleting, sous-vides cooking)
  • hygienic and easy transport
  • waste-reduced storage
  • attractive sales presentation
  • individual and functional packaging at the counter directly in front of the customer

Advantages of vacuum packaging for industrial and consumer products

In the non-food area, vacuum pouches convince through their protection and handling support. No matter if it is about primary packaging of sensitive or easily perishable products or for the secondary packaging of medical products and pharmaceuticals – vacuum packaging provides and supports essential services like protection, storage and transportation of the packed products.

Transport and Handling

  • water and humidity protection
  • single or bulk bags for secure and efficient transport of products
  • bulk packs for transportation within companies of semi-manufactured products

Vacuum packaging procedure

The packaging procedure starts when the chamber lid is closed. The evacuation, atmosphere change and sealing of vacuum pouches are automatically performed according to the selected process parameters:

1st: evacuation

The air is evacuated out of the vacuum chamber by the vacuum pump: chamber, bag and product are evacuated.

2nd(optional): MAP function

Chamber and bag are filled with protective gas until the
set pressure amount is reached. This procedure extends the shelf life and preserves the fresh color of, e.g. fresh meat.

3rd: sealing

An electrical impulse heats the sealing wire (impulse sealing procedure). The sealable inner sides of the bag are sealed together, and the bag is now hermetically closed.

4th: ventilation

The air flows back into the chamber. After the pressure compensation between the inside and outside atmosphere is finished, the lid of the chamber opens, and the perfectly vac- uum-packed product can be taken out of the machine. Now the product can be finalized by detaching the trimmings and processed further (shrinking) if required.

Vacuum packaging types

Sealing only
chamber belt machines only
A simple packaging solution that protects the product
from external influences is the sealing of the pouch
without changing the natural atmosphere. Except a
minimal vacuum no significant shelf life-extending
features are applied.

Vacuum packaging prolongs the shelf life of products
due to the decelerated biochemical degradation within
the evacuated and hermetically sealed pouch. A simple
packaging solution that protects the product and eases
its handling.

A special Gastro-Container “GreenVac” serves as a
vacuum container and the products are vacuum-sealed
ready for use. No plastic bags or other disposable
packaging materials are needed and the special gastro
containers can be used over and over again.
Especially in HoReCa, this time saving vacuum
packaging significantly reduces material usage and
is environmentally friendly.


Modified atmosphere
packaging (MAP)
The natural atmosphere in the packaging is replaced
with a product-specific and optimized gas mixture,
enhancing product presentation and extending its shelf
life. An added blend of, e.g. carbon dioxide, oxygen and/
or nitrogen can prolong shelf life and support color and
form of the product.


Shrink packaging
The perfect packaging appearance can be achieved
with the help of shrinkable vacuum pouches. In a separate
shrinking unit, the vacuumed product is dipped into
hot water and the vacuum pouch shrinks tightly around
the product. The only requirements for shrink packaging
are heat and pressure resistant products and the use of a
shrinkable vacuum pouch.