The advantages of vacuum packaging
for food

Extending the shelf life of foods
Since the air is removed from the vacuum packaging (e.g. a bag), the growth of aerobic bacteria and other natural organisms such as fungi or moulds in the sealed bag can be minimised. This contributes to slower degradation of the product and not only prolongs shelf life but also improves presentation at the point of sale.

Käse in Vakuumverpackung

Further sales advantages of vacuum packaging
Creation of circular packs to support separate product processing or preparation (e.g. cutting, filleting, sous-vides cuisine)
hygienic and easy transport
waste-reduced storage
useful and attractive sales presentation
individual and functional packaging at the
Shop counter, directly in front of the customer

Support in the controlled ripening of foodstuffs
Vacuum bags can also be used to support controlled ripening of meat and cheese products while reducing ripening and weight loss. The vacuum packaging prevents product liquid leakage and provides an optimal basis for product ripening. For example, in the case of meat, excellent tenderness and a high degree of ripeness can be achieved within a short time by wet ripening in the vacuum bag.

However, vacuum packaging can also be used for
Support the maturation of a variety of other products such as cheese, cucumbers and seafood are used.
The use of shrink bags can further reduce the juicing of meat products.

The advantages of vacuum packaging for
Industrial and consumer goods

In the non-food sector, vacuum packaging is particularly convincing due to its protective and handling advantages. Whether as
primary packaging of sensitive or perishable products or secondary packaging of medical devices
and pharmaceuticals – vacuum packaging offer and support essential services such as protection, storage and transport of packaged products.

Transport and handling
Water and moisture protection
Single or large packs for safe and easy handling
trouble-free transport of products
Large packs for the transport of semi-finished products
within companies

Vakuumverpackung Elektroartikel

Vacuum chamber machine packaging types

Vacuum packaging

vacuumVacuum packaging extends the shelf life of products by slowing biochemical degradation inside the evacuated and hermetically sealed bag. A simple packaging solution that protects the product and prolongs shelf life.

Hermetic seal

only for chamber belt machines

Sealing without vacuumThe hermetic sealing of the pouch under normal conditions is not possible.
atmosphere is a simple packaging solution, which allows the
product from external influences. Additional
Shelf life measures will not be taken

Shrink Packaging

vacuum shrink wrappingWith the help of shrinkable vacuum bags a perfect packaging finish can be achieved. In a separate shrink unit, the previously vacuumed product is immersed in hot water so that the shrink bag “shrinks” tightly around the product. Shrink bags not only contribute to product presentation but also reduce the amount of packaging material used.

Important: when using shrink bags, the heat behavior of the product must be taken into account.


A special Gastro container Gastronomieverpackung Greenvac(“GreenVac”) serves as a vacuum container. the products are vacuumed in it ready for use. No plastic bags or other disposable packaging materials are required and the special gastro containers can be used again and again. Particularly in the HoReCa sector, this vacuum packaging reduces the use of materials considerably and is environmentally friendly.


Packaging with modified atmosphere

Packaging with fumigationDienatural atmosphere in the packaging is replaced by a product-specific and optimized protective gas mixture (modified atmosphere, MAP). The inert gas atmosphere contributes to maintaining the fresh appearance and shape of the product.