Vacuum Packaging Variants

Packaging types of vacuum chamber machines

Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of products
due to the slower biochemical degradation within the
of the evacuated and hermetically sealed bag. A
simple packaging solution that protects the product and
Durability extended.

Simple, hermetic

only for chamber belt machines

Hermetically sealing the bag under normal
atmosphere is a simple packaging solution that allows the
Product protects against external influences. Additional
Durability measures are not taken.

Shrink wrapping

With the help of shrinkable vacuum bags a perfect
packaging finish can be achieved. In a separate
shrink unit, the previously vacuumed product is placed in
hot water, so that the shrink bag is tightly sealed
around the product “shrinks”. Shrink bags do not wear
only contribute to the product presentation, but also reduce
the packaging material used. Important: when using
of shrink bags is the heat behaviour of the
product to be observed.


A special gastro-container “GreenVac” serves as vacuum container
and the products are vacuumed therein ready for use.
No plastic bags or other disposable packaging materials are used
required and the special gastro-containers can be
can be used over and over again. Especially in the HoReCa
range, this vacuum packaging reduces the
material usage considerably and is environmentally friendly.

Modified atmosphere packages

The natural atmosphere in the packaging is
through a product-specific and optimized inert gas mixture
(modified atmosphere, MAP).
The protective gas atmosphere consists of e.g. carbon dioxide,
oxygen and / or nitrogen and contributes to the preservation of
fresh product appearance and the product form.