Vacuum Packaging Machine Sealing Systems

WEBOMATIC offers a wide range of proven sealing variations to ensure hermetically sealed packaging and maximum product protection on all chamber machines. Over the years, we have developed various product-specific sealing methods to support product handling and processing.

Double Seam Separation Sealing (DST)

The sealing bar is equipped with a sealing wire and a
wire is equipped. The separating wire creates a
Separation seam at which the bag overhang is easily removed by hand
can be removed. Sealing and separating wires are
for some machine controls individually controllable

Bi-active sealing

The bi-active seal system works with two upper and two lower ones
lower 4 mm wide sealing strips. Extra wide sealing wires
as well as a high, continuously adjustable contact pressure guarantee extremely stable sealing seams. Reliable and safe,
even in the event of wrinkling or contamination in the sealing area and also in the case of strong, multi-layer sealed edge pouches (e.g. aluminium pouches).

Double Seam Sealing (DSS)

The sealing strip is equipped with two sealing wires and guarantees a hermetic seal even with dirty bag material. This sealing system is also used for liquid, heavy or difficult to package products such as spices or powders.

TCH-II sealing system

The TCH-II sealing system (12 mm sealing wire) adjusts the sealing temperature quickly and precisely to the ideal value. The exact temperature control, accurate to tenths of a degree, prevents overheating – cooling water is not required.

(only with the chamber belt machine WBM 1350-II available)

Plug-in sealing bars

With all available machines, the sealing strips can be removed and reinstalled without tools, in a service-friendly manner and quickly without tools. Thus, the external and internal cleaning as well as the maintenance of the chamber machines can be carried out easily, quickly and above all thoroughly. The expansion compensation of the sealing bar not only optimises the sealing result but also the service life of the sealing wire.