Tray packaging and contour cutting of tray sealer

WEBOMATIC tray sealers can handle different types of packaging in order to pack a wide range of products.

Simple, hermetic

A simple packaging option that protects the product from external influences during transport without significantly affecting shelf life.

Shrink film lid

This MAP packaging is used for low products and avoids unnecessary consumption of resources. A shrinkable film lid is applied: the lid contracts after closing and reduces unnecessary volume.

Modified Atmosphere (MAP)

The natural atmosphere within the packaging is exchanged with a product-specific modified atmosphere. This not only protects the product from external influences but also extends the shelf life of food products.

Compensating Atmosphere (B-MAP)

A micro-perforated film is adapted to the respiration rate of the product to ensure a balanced atmosphere and prolong the shelf life of fresh products such as salads, fruit and vegetables.


The Protrude Skin technology packs products in a skin package with a product height of up to 90 mm. This vacuum packaging often combines a flat tray and a high product. Here, too, the product is precisely enclosed by the film and seals the tray over its entire surface.


The pseudo-skin technique packages products whose height does not exceed that of the tray under vacuum in a skin package. The film encloses the product accurately and seals itself completely with the tray.

Peelpaq – ANL®

Another innovative MAP variant that additionally saves up to 20% on materials and packaging weight: the tray has an integrated lid in which the top film is securely embedded and hermetically sealed during the packaging process. Once the trays have been opened, they can easily be resealed without the need for an additional lid.

Visiopaq – ANL®

As an innovative MAP variant, Visiopaq hermetically seals two equally wide trays with a printable paper seal. This packaging is particularly useful for particularly high dome or product heights and is easy for the end user to recycle.



Varianten zur Konturschneidung der Folie nach dem Siegelvorgang.