WEBOMATIC® thermoforming machines design individually shaped, cut and printed packaging. Meat and fish packaging as well as cheese and sausage packaging can be designed according to your wishes and manufactured at high industrial production speeds. Of course, our thermoforming machines also produce (skin) packaging for medical products or industrial and consumer goods.

Steak in Schalenverpackung

Packaging types


Simple deep drawing

Simple and fast type of packaging where product protection is paramount: no vacuum is created and no modified atmosphere is added. This technique is normally used for the packaging of medical goods in clean rooms and is not recommended for food packaging.

Vakuum Tiefziehverpackung

Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of products due to slower biochemical degradation within the evacuated and hermetically sealed packaging. A simple packaging solution that protects the product and extends the shelf life of food.

Tiefziehverpackung mit Modified Atmossphere Packaging

MAP Packaging

Prior to the hermetic sealing of the packaging, the natural atmosphere inside the packaging is created with product-specific,
in a modified atmosphere. In this way the product is protected from external influences and, depending on the gas mixture, extended.
the freshness and colour of the product (e.g. fresh meat).

Oberfolienverformung Tiefziehverpackung

Top film forming and snap-in lid

Stable and reclosable snap-in lids can be formed from the top film by forming the top film. The combination of top film forming and MAP technology allows an extended shelf life and an eye-catching, practical product presentation.

vakuum schrumpfverpackung

Shrink Packaging

Special shrinkable thermoforming sheets are used in this process. After the product has been vacuum packed in the thermoformer, the packaging is conveyed through a shrink unit in which the film tightly wraps around the product. The result is an attractive shrink package that prevents product liquid leakage and increases the shelf life of food products.



This combination of two types of packaging is offered exclusively by WEBOMATIC and is unique in the packaging industry. 2Pack is a thermoformed packaging with several chambers, some of which can be packed with pseudo-skin and others with modified atmosphere (MAP). The number and size of each chamber can be individually divided. This type of packaging is particularly recommended for ready or semi-prepared meals.

Skin packaging

Whether meat, poultry, cheese products, pâtés, fish or seafood, skin packaging ensures an ideal and particularly appealing product presentation. The top film wraps the product like a second skin and is then sealed with the bottom film. The result is packaging of outstanding quality with improved food safety and the best possible product presentation – regardless of whether the product is presented hanging or lying at the point of sale.


The pseudo-skin technique packs products whose height does not exceed that of the tray in a skin package.


The Protrude Skin Technology packs products with a product height of up to 50 mm in a skin package. Often, a flat tray and a high product are combined here.

Contour cutting

Variants for contour cutting of the film after the sealing process as a perfect packaging finish.