Shrinking and drying units

Shrink packaging is the perfect finish for your thermoformed and vacuum packaging. No matter whether manual or fully automatic, WEBOMATIC offers suitable shrink and drying units for every requirement and every size of business.

What thermoforming or vacuum chamber machines have prepared, the WEBOMATIC shrink units and dryers lead to the goal: Compared to conventional vacuum packaging, shrink packaging offers wrinkle-free transparency and thus a considerably better product presentation of e.g. fresh meat products. In addition, they prevent the escape of product liquids and can further extend the shelf life of the products.

Hot water shrinks the previously sealed vacuum shrink packs around the product like a second skin. The only prerequisites are shrinkable film or bag materials and products that are not affected by the shrinking process.

Semi-automatic shrink tanks

The shrink tank ST 40 convinces by high efficiency and low energy consumption. Heated within minutes, the semi-automatic shrink tank easily processes medium packaging quantities. In combination with WEBOMATIC vacuum packaging machines, a small and affordable shrink line for excellent shrink packaging for small to medium batches is created.

Semi-automatic shrink packs
1. manually place the shrinkable and sealed package on the diving platform.
2. at the push of a button, the platform is immersed in hot water. The packaging material wraps around the product without wrinkles.
The product is lifted out of the water and presents itself unadulterated and optimally packaged.

Automatic shrink tunnels and dryers

The fully automatic shrink tunnels from WEBOMATIC are the ideal solution for packaging finishing on an industrial scale.

Maximum product output combined with resource-saving energy consumption and full line competence. Together with the appropriately dimensioned DU 60 or DU 80 dryers, they are the right solution for the perfect finish of your vacuum-packed products.

Automatic shrinking and drying

A conveyor belt guides the packaged products into the shrink tunnel. A special water cascade system covers the products thoroughly with hot water and shrinks the packaging material around the product.

The conveyor belt automatically moves the shrunk but wet products into the dryer. The packaging is then measured by photocells and dried thoroughly and true to contour by high-pressure air jets. The product remains unaffected and presents itself with optimal packaging.

The packed products can then be automatically transported to the dryer, where the shrink packaging is dried from the outside and prepared for optional labelling or processing in secondary packaging.