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packaging machines of the highest quality.

WEBOMATIC has a vertical range of manufacture of more than 80%, because this is the only way we can respond individually to the needs of our customers and produce the appropriate packaging machines. For our suppliers this means that we have very specific requirements regarding the quality and flexibility of the materials to enable a flexible, demand-oriented and individual production of our packaging machines. We are constantly looking for new strategic business partners to supplement our production possibilities or to expand our capacities.

Due to this specific demand, our purchasing department is dependent on the control of supplier requests.

How to contact us:

In order to effectively review your business request and to enable supplier accreditation, we ask you to refrain from cold calling, company interviews or appointment requests. On our website you will find the ideal opportunity to present your company and your product and to get in touch with us.

If you are interested and after examination by our strategic purchasing department, we will be happy to contact you.

Packaging machines for food and non-food products

WEBOMATIC® vacuum packaging machines are used both in the food industry and in the product or pharmaceutical industry. In all these industries there are high standards and highest demands on the quality of our packaging machines.

We expect the same from our suppliers and business partners:

  • quality
  • speed of reaction
  • flexibility
  • knowhow
  • reliability

as well as the will to build a sustainable and successful business relationship.

The same high standards apply to the documentation of machines and plants. We take these obligations very seriously and expect our suppliers to be able to easily issue and track food suitability certificates as well as long-term supplier declarations and test certificates.

If you would like to work with us, please refrain from cold calling and spontaneous calls, please use our purchase contact form first.

Highest quality and food quality

In addition to highest quality, WEBOMATIC also focuses on the food suitability of our vacuum packaging machines and raw materials.

Only products that can be certified as suitable for use in our machines can be considered for use in food.

We mainly use the following raw materials:

  • stainless steel in 1.4301
  • AlMg4.5Mn
  • POM
  • PE500/1000

In addition to a large number of DIN parts, various machine components are also used in our vacuum packaging machines.

The most important article groups at a glance:

    • Pneumatics
    • Drive Technology
    • control technology
    • Motors

If you are active in the field of the required raw materials or articles and are interested in working with WEBOMATIC®, we look forward to hearing from you using the purchase contact form.

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