Vacuum chamber machine E/C 50

The vacuum packaging machines E 50 and C 50 stand for individualisation options, mobility and easy maintenance.  External and internal cleaning as well as maintenance can be carried out easily, quickly and above all thoroughly.

Sealing strip variations

Double Seal and Trim (DST)

Double Seam Sealing (DSS)

Solid and highly variable vacuum packaging.

These vacuum packaging machines are equipped as standard with the CT 100 computer (E 50) or the WEBOMATIC C 3000 S sensor-controlled computer (C 50) and operate with a powerful 63m³/h vacuum pump. Optimum packaging control is possible at any time: the solid chamber lid, which is made of a corrosion-resistant special alloy, is equipped with an integrated bullet-proof glass window.

Three variants of the sealing bar arrangement of the packaging machines E/ C 50 (type D, type W and type U) are available and thus permit optimum chamber utilisation.

Of course, all model versions are also available as low-priced E versions!