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Vacuum Machine E 15 Basic / C 15-HL

The small vacuum table machines with the big packing capacity. When it comes to packaging large products with high performance, but only limited space is available for a vacuum packaging machine, then the compact but powerful packaging machines E 15 Basic or C 15-HL are exactly the right choice!

Sealing bar variations

Double Seam Separation Seal (DST)

Double Seam Sealing (DSS)

The vacuum packaging machine for every application.

The E 15 Basic and C 15 HL packaging machines are ideally suited for vacuuming and packaging in kitchens, on weekly markets, in chain stores or for meat packaging in hunting sports. They can also be used for the packaging of sterile and sensitive medical products or articles from the electronics sector as well as the packaging of banknotes.

The C 15 HL version of the table-top machine is equipped with the sensor-controlled WEBOMATIC C 3000 S computer and has Soft-Air and a MAP gassing device as standard for gentle gassing and vacuuming of sensitive products. These functions are optional also available for the table-top machine E 15 basic.  Food-safe PE insert plates for reducing the chamber volume are included in the scope of delivery of the vacuum generator.

  • MAP (E 15 Basic)
  • Soft-Air (E 15 Basic)
  • undercarriage
  • slanted insert
  • GreenVAC
Machine size:490 x 610 x 470 mm (B x T x H)
Chamber size:430 x 500 x 180 mm (B x T x H)
Weight:netto/brutto ca. 83 kg / 91 kg
Pump:21 m3/h-high capacity pump, internal
Cycles:2-3 cycles /min., depending on product and desired vacuum

equipment features E 15 Basic / C 15-HL

  • chamber made of high-quality stainless steel
  • simple operation
  • MAP (C15, optional for E 15 Basic)
  • Soft-Air (C15, optional for E 15 Basic)
  • 21m³/h vacuum pump