Thermoforming Machine ML-C 5600

The thermoforming machine ML-C 5600 meets medium and high production requirements. With its modular design it can be optimized flexible to any customer’s request and to whole packaging lines.

Standard equipment:
WEBOMATIC CleanDesign®,
WEBOMATIC sealing technology,

ML-C 5600 The thermoforming machine ML-C 5600 meets the highest demands for industrial sized production while it is designed for large production environments and is suited for high-speed operation. With its film width, repeat length/index and optimized lifting movement, the machine is ideal for automated operation in a packaging line with integrated slicers, pick-and-place robots, multi-head weighers etc.

The innovative lifting system including compact hygienic cylinders and a double knee lever ensure a high closing pressure of the format die for precise movements and formidable packaging designs. To reduce compressed air consumption, a combination with individual stroke adjustment and lifting are simple but efficient. Also, vacuum valves are placed directly at the die. This means even shorter ways to create vacuum and that adds up to a quicker production. Depending on specification, the ML-C can process rigid films up to 1.200 μm with a width of up to 562 mm in repeat lengths up to 600 mm.

Area of useFood, Non-Food
DimensionsLength: 5,260 – 19,500 mm
Width: max. 1290 mm (depending on film width)
Height: 1.980 mm
Packaging variantsfreely definable
Packaging StyleVacuum, MAP, Pseudo-skin,
Form shrink, 2pack
Index/Repeat length200 – 600 mm
(max. 600 mm with pre-heating)
(only skin: 200 – 400 mm)
Draw depthMax.130 mm / max. 70 mm – skin
Bottom film width322 – 562 mm
Bottom film: Flexible filmPA/PE, Tyvec
Rigid filme.g. PET, PVC, PP, PS, max. 1200 μm
Top film: Flexible filme.g. PET, PVC, PP, PS
Rigid filmOptional
WEBOMATIC CleanDesign®
WEBOMATIC Sealing Technology
Forming proceduresStandard: compressed air
Optional: compressed airand
vacuum, plug assist forming
Top film formingOptional
CuttingStandard: guillotine cut
Optional: Zigzag cut, Perforation
cut, Round corners, Squeezing
knife, Strip punch, Contour or
complete cut
Film rewinding with dancer armsOptional
Opening aidsOptional
WEBOMATIC On-The-Fly Format ChangeOptional
WEBOMATIC 2packOptional
Form shrinkOptional


Options for individualized packaging

  • MAP
  • oxygen O2
  • Skin or form shrink packaging
  • Top film forming for Snap-in Lids
  • Gas mixer and/or analysis device
  • Pre-heating systems
  • Knee-free loading zone
  • Various forming procedures
  • Various cutting systems
  • Various pack coding and printing systems, like:- print mark control
    – labelling equipment, bottom and top
    – stamp coding
    – hot embossing
    – thermo transfer printer
    – inkjet
    – laser systems
  • Opening aids, like peel corners, bend and peel, etc.
    Detection systems


  • Various PLC control based aids:-communication module
    – remote diagnosis
    – extended production data analysis
    – adaption and tailoring of further
    – digitalization concepts
  • WEBOMATIC On-The-Fly Format Change
  • Quick-changing device for format change
  • Jumbo reel device (straight or in 90° angle)
  • Support rolls in the loading zone
  • Film strip rewinding
  • Height-adjustable split conveyor belt
  • Secure water cooling system
  • Lifting limit via PLC control unit
  • Synchronisation with automatic supply system