Chamber Belt Machine CL-C 950

The chamber belt machine CL-C 950 is the entry-level model for automated packaging in bags in WEBOMATIC CleanDesign®. The innovative and patented Roll-Back-Lid enables an easy, fast and thorough cleaning of the interior – the conveyor belt is not contaminated with cleaning liquids. In addition to the attractive basic functions, the CL-C can be adapted to individual requirements with various options and configuration options.

Double Seal and Trim Sealing (DST)

Double Seam Sealing (DSS)

Bi-active Sealing

The best solution for automated and economical packaging in pouches.

The vacuum packaging machine CL-C 950 offers best operating comfort and safe efficiency: after all, products of different sizes can be packed flexibly in one process. In addition to a cost attractive basic model, various options and equipment options can be tailored to individual requirements. The well thought-out concept and design of the CL-C 950 in WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® mean that maintenance and cleaning work can be carried out in the shortest possible time. The innovative roll-back lid in WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® enables easy, fast and thorough hygienic full cleaning of the inside of the lid, liquids can drain off on the back of the machine without getting onto the conveyor belt.

Optionally, the split shuttle conveyor belt simplifies the packaging process: only one operator is required to load the chamber belt machine manually, whereby the individual belt speeds can be infinitely adjusted. Thanks to the lower personnel costs, this option pays for itself within a short time. More transparency is provided by the optional diagnostic systems for production and service with data acquisition, connections to terminal devices, remote diagnosis and remote maintenance modules, as well as user identification pins. With the help of these simple applications, production processes can be made even more efficient.

The Automatic Shrink Line – The Step Towards Industrial Packaging.

Among other things, the CL-C 950 can be combined as an automatic shrink line with the following components:

  • CL-C 950 (chamber belt machine)
  • CB 60-150 (conveyor belt)
  • STCW 60-L (automatic shrink unit)
  • DU 60-L (automatic dryer unit)
  • LS 150 (rotary table)

Many other positioning options can be adjusted according to the space situation and requirements.