Thermoforming machines

WEBOMATIC thermoforming machines of the ML-C generation are based upon four models that are individually designed for each customer’s needs and products. The successor models of the APS-ML generation reflect state-of-the-art technology in material, constructions, equipment and design so that with the modular machine system, the thermoformers can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

This modularity applies to the outer dimensions, the variable infeed zone as well as specialised equipment and complex automation options. Adjustable infeed zones for manual or fully automatic loading, variable discharge modules for the optional use of coding and/or labelling systems, as well as various cutting operations can be perfectly integrated into each packaging line.

Ondemand, our machines can produce vacuum, MAP, shrink or skin packaging, which can be adapted to the product through various packaging options. WEBOMATIC thermoforming machines can
process almost all authorised film materials like
e.g. PA/PE, Tyvec, PP, PET, PS, PVC.

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