Fully automatic tray sealers

Fully automatic tray sealers – the flexible packaging solution.

Flexibility down to the smallest detail, be it as a single packaging machine or integrated into highly automated and complex packaging lines. Depending on the tray size, the product to be packaged and the packaging requirements, single-track (mono version) or double-track (duo version) tray sealers can pack all prefabricated, sealable trays at up to 18 cycles per minute.

Our technical standards already outperform comparable competitive models: equipped with servo-motor gripper arms and a toggle lever lifting mechanism, our precise tray transport systems set new standards. The tray sealers can be integrated into existing production processes at any time; conveyor belts are individually adapted to the current level of automation in order to include any automatic dosing and labelling units.

Machine extensions and upgrades are possible at any time – from the beginning or step by step – the tray sealer grows with the production requirements.

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