Chamber Belt Vacuum Machines

WEBOMATIC chamber belt machines are particularly suitable for the fully automatic and continuous packaging of large products. Be it large pieces of meat in slaughtering and cutting operations or whole cheese wheels from the dairy. All products that fit into the chamber and between the sealing bars can be vacuum-packed at the same time with minimal manpower and high added value.

The optional Shuttle Conveyor simplifies the packaging process and saves labor costs: Infinitely variable conveyor speed control allows a single operator to load the chamber from both the front and rear of the chamber
belt machine.

Depending on the required depth of analysis, further options can be selected and the machine software can be specialized in maximum transparency and traceability – the data can be displayed either on the touch screen or optionally forwarded onto mobile devices. Concepts such as predictive maintenance, fault analysis or communication with other peripherals can be easily implemented to achieve the desired industry standard. In addition, the optional, fraud-resistant user identification pins provide individual user rights. Thus, the work process can be designed to be interruption-free, sustainable, secure and with clear traceability in the event of a change of operating personnel.

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