Duo Lane Traysealers

Highest packaging output through two-track sealing station.

The duo versions of our traysealers have a two-track sealing station and can thus seal two to eight trays per packaging cycle at a very high cycle rate. The duo design is the ideal solution for productions with smaller products (e.g. antipasti, spreads, vegetables, salads and ready meals), which are produced to meet the requirements of single person households or the aviation industry.

Even though WEBOMATIC duo tray sealers are designed for high cycle outputs for smaller products with a very high packaging cycle, they can be converted to mono tray sealers for larger trays if required. The loading conveyor can be operated from both sides and can be easily integrated into a production line as a stand-alone packaging line by combining it with a denester, filling system, automatic placement machines and even more peripherals.

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