Control unit vacuum chamber machines

For our vacuum chamber machines we provide different controls:

CT 50-mk³

The robust and practical CT 50-mk³controller was specially designed for the easyPACK-mk³ model:

  • easy handling
  • one-button operation
  • vacuum quick stop
  • warm-up program for the vacuum pump
  • splash-proof front panel
  • troubleshooting

CT 100

The CT 100 controller is installed on all E-models:

  • easy handling
  • one-button operation
  • LED display
  • vacuum quick stop
  • splash-proof front panel
  • oil change indicator
  • warm-up program for the vacuum pump
  • soft air and MAP control possible
  • double seam and trim dealing (DST)

C 3000 S

  • 10 programs selectable
  • sensor-controlled final value vacuum with boiling point detection
  • quick vacuum stop
  • soft air and MAP sensor-controlled, with digital display
  • splash-proof front panel
  • error code diagnosis and display
  • robust design
  • double seam sealing (DSS)
  • adjustable double seal and trim sealing (DST)

IGT-control unit

The latest single and double chamber machines are equipped with the glass sensor control IGT (“Innovative Glass Touch”). The user interface complies with current hygiene guidelines and is part of the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® concept.

All controls are hygienic, scratch-resistant and convince by intelligent user guidance. Depending on the chamber machine model, two versions are available: IGT-standard and IGT-premium.

Both IGT controllers have the following functions as standard:

  • vacuum quick stop
  • program cancel button
  • information about the most important operating data
  • service and maintenance instructions
  • adjustable double seal and trim (DST)
  • double-seam sealing (DSS)

The IGT controllers measure absolutely for vacuum, MAP, soft air and have three product-specific vacuum programs:

  • best-vac: vacuum at the best possible ultimate vacuum
  • ultimate-value: vacuum to the selected vacuum value
  • time-select: interval vacuum for sensitive products

The IGT-standard control can store up to ten individual programs, with separate control of sealing and separation times. This guarantees a smooth packaging of various products.

The IGT-premium impresses with an extended programm and language memory, a warm up function and an interval vacuum for sensitive products.